26 October 2016

Are You Listening?


Using podcasts in lessons is not a new activity and is often part of language classrooms where listening activities are an integral part of lessons. The challenge for teachers is often where to find appropriate listening materials which may be suitable for learners. 

Listenwise is a great site to dip into for lessons where listening activities are linked to other skills and tasks. The majority of lessons are geared towards Social Studies, Science and ELA/ELL (English Language Arts/English Language Learning), but you may also find specific topics by searching for tags. Themes are also arranged under Current Events , which is one way of bringing issues of the real world outside the classroom into lessons for discussion and reflection, especially for foreign language classes. 

Here you can see how each listening comes with an image and then a short recording which can be shared with students with a link (assign). 

Following the listening (which students can listen to in slow mode if it's a premium account), there are listening comprehension questions, classroom discussion themes and even a link to Socrative if the teacher wants to have a quick quiz on the listening. 

The premium account does offer features 
of interest, as you can see, but even without it, it is still possible to test drive Listenwise and see whether it would be of interest to one's institution before purchasing.

For individual teachers, it's a great resource for listening tasks which can be easily shared with students, whether F2F or teaching online. 

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