19 September 2010

Innovation and Inspiration

Yesterday, the Higher Colleges of Technology celebrated its 23 years of educational excellency in the U.A.E. Guest speakers and HCT staff members discussed key issues in education and how best to engage students today. Creativity and collaboration, innovation and inspiration. Key words which all teachers hope to share and foster with students.

Today we use digital technology in our classrooms and students work online, creating and sharing their work and ideas. Dreams become reality with the use of digital tools that we can easily access.  However, it is a collaborative process. Teachers encourage innovative approaches to learning and students bring their inspiration to class. 

Classrooms today are so very different from the past. Classrooms today are spaces where learners take control of their learning process and creativity. Classrooms today are spaces where learners innovate and develop their voices as students and citizens of a globalized world. 

I hope this video clip may inspire you to collaborate, innovate and create!

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