26 September 2010

Learning Strategies - Mind Maps

As a student,  I spent many hours studying in  the library. Today, students are able to study in many more places - not only the in library, but also at learning centres which provide different types of support for students - and more significantly,  anywhere they wish to. All students need today is an internet connection to be able to access information and to carry out the many assignments which they do on their own or in teams.

Students work and learn through their Blogs, their Wikis, through Google Docs and many other tools which the internet offers them.

Nevertheless, students today have the same questions as I did when I was a student: how to learn? How do I find time to learn so many new things? How do I organise my ideas and thoughts?

 One way to help us learn is by using mind maps.  Here you can see an example of a mind map. You can use mind maps in many ways - to learn vocabulary, to help you revise your notes, and to brainstorm your ideas for an essay.

Over these past weeks, my students have been involved in different kinds of learning activities. Many of my students have said that learning today is easier because there is technology to help them. Today, being a learner is not enough; today we all need to be efficient digital learners, learning how to incorporate technology in our learning and how best to incorporate digital learning in their own learning processes.

If you would like to try mindmapping with digital tools, here are some suggestions which will be of use to you:




You can also have a look at Zoho, Edraw Soft,  bubbl.us and MAPMYself.

One of my favourites is Text2Mindmap, which is clean and simple and really great for different kinds of tasks. For example, you can use it for summarising a book or story or planning a presentation.

So, whether you prefer mindmapping on your own or with a group of friends, you can see that there are digital choices.

What about you? Do you think that learning with digital technology is helping you learn more easily today? Do you think that creating mind maps with technology can help you organise your thoughts, your notes and studies?


  1. I use creately to create mind map its an online tool, what other tools are there to draw mind maps?

  2. Hi Shalin,

    Thank you for adding one more suggestion!