17 October 2010


ImageChef.com Every country and culture has their favourite heroes throughout history. Whether a general, a warrior, or even a king or queen, heroes are all relevant to our personal stories and  histories.

Heroes are not only great warriors or generals though; we also find "heroes" in the arts, in the sciences and in sports.

But...what about in education? If you listen carefully to The Parlotones, (a South African band who sings the song below), there are similarities with students, teachers and everyone working together in educational institutions - all working together to help students achieve their goals and dreams; to students, let me repeat what The Parlotones sing - "dreams lift you up and drive you on"! 

Because in our daily quest in education we have successes and moments of less success, to both students and teachers,  "we'll take the lows and cheer the highs!" - and together with patience and perseverance,
may you all remember that you too are a hero achieving new skills,  discovering new fields of knowledge and sharing your dreams with others.

How will you be a hero today?

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