5 October 2010

Homework??? Again???

How many teachers set homework for you? And how do you feel when you hear the word "homework"? Yet again and again? Day after day, week after week?

Doing homework is not as much  fun as going to the mall or spending time with friends but it is part of a student's academic life. So, why do teachers insist on setting homework? Well, mostly to give students a chance to work through daily revisions, to attempt new tasks on their own and to give them a time to learn what they feel they still need to improve. 

Although most students would prefer not to have homework, 
the fact is that we all need to revise what we did in our lessons. Sometimes we want to try out new tasks for which there was not enough time to do in class. Other times, we just need to revise and improve our knowledge of a certain subject or task. 

 Students today also have choices. They
don't only  do homework which was assigned from their course books; students today collaborate on projects together using interactive web tools, they may add entries to their blogs, and use their creativity as never before. 

So, my question to you today is, how do you use your talents and creativity when doing homework?

I also enclose a video with different attitudes towards homework.  Are you like Lucy, Charlie Brown, Shroeder or Linus?

Do you have a special place where you do your homework? Share your thoughts on doing homework - even if you think that homework should be scrapped!

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