24 October 2010

Making Movies and Vuvox

Scotland is famous for many things which we all know - from poets and to actors, from tartan kilts to green fields covered with heather, from shortbread biscuits to ancient castles. And of course, Edinburgh - the capital of Scotland and for a brief spell in the summer, also known as the world capital of culture when the Festival and Fringe come to town. 

When we tell stories, we can use  our voice to tell a story, the printed word,  images, or images and music - and even by adding a video clip.  You don't need to be a Hollywood director to make a short movie today - all you need is to try out one of the different  movie making tools available online.  These are some that you can choose from - Masher, Stupeflix, Animoto and Memoov

If you would rather experiment with slideshows first, there is Vuvox. As with other tools I have mentioned here, you need to sign up first before you begin creating your very own shows. With Vuvox, you can images, text, music and embed a video clip in your show.  I made a very simple sideshow with Vuvox- do you know the names of the musical instruments that the musicians are playing?

What movies will you be making soon?

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