12 October 2010

Search Engines

From words to sentences, from sentences to paragraphs, from paragraphs to essays. Writing is something that all students need to do. Sometimes we have our own ideas and sometimes we need to do research on a topic. Whether we are to use our own ideas or research a topic, there are online tools which help us.

One of these tools is eyePlorer. It is a visual map (or eye) which may help us brainstorm ideas or research a topic. Nik Peachey has made a short video with an example of how to use eyePlorer, which I enclose here:

As with other available online tools, you need to register, check your email, activate the link and then remember your password and login for whenever you want to use eyePlorer

You don't like using maps? Google search lists are endless? Not a problem - try using RedZ, which will give you another different layout to your searches. All you need to do is type in what you are looking for, let the RedZ zebra search and then see whether there is any site which may answer your question.

Another search engine which I will leave you with today is Tag Galaxy

Tag Galaxy is a search engine which collects photographs around a certain theme - which may be a country or region but also other  topics, such as energies, health, or education.

As you can see, I first typed Middle East in the box on the home page (Tag Galaxy) which brought up a page with revolving planets and different topics related to the Middle East. By clicking on a planet, you can then search for more specific topics within a theme. In my example, I clicked on the planet desert and will now share with  you with some beautiful desert landscapes.  Do you recognize any of the locations in the planet below?

What will you do with eyePlorer, Redz and Tag Galaxy?

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