22 October 2010

When Dreams Come True

Have you ever had a dream come true?

In the midst of our busy lives, I had a special visitor in my classroom this past week. Susan Bainbridge's new book has just been published and Susan kindly agreed to speak about her book to my students. 

Writing is never easy - whether writing in your own language or in a foreign language. Facing an empty white sheet can be quite intimidating. Frightening almost. 

Yet we all need to write for different purposes. Sometimes we write just to let loose all the magic that words, sentences and paragraphs can weave together. At other times, stories with twisting plots and intriguing characters beg to be let loose and take their own life on the printed page. One has no choice but to let them live their lives on the page and in the hands of the reader. 

Susan watched my own students write their very first digital book and then introduced her book "Hoarfrost and Cherry Blossoms", explaining what the title meant and how she wrote her story at the end of her busy days. 

Dreams take their time to come true; achieving your dream doesn't always happen over night - it may even take a couple of years! And when a dream comes true, there is only thing to do:

To Susan, many thanks for sharing your book, writing tips and inspiration with us.  We look forward to your next dream coming true!

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  1. Christina thank you for inviting me to your class. It was a pleasure to speak with your students. Thank you for the invite and for your inspiration. Now I'm waiting for your book!