18 October 2010

Reading, Writing and the Digital Learner

Digital learners are learners for life - not only learning for today's exams and courses, but learning skills for jobs in the future. Digital learners have more options open to them; they may belong to digital communities and express themselves with more autonomy than ever before. And, above all, digital learners are readers and writers.

Information is key but so is knowledge - knowing how to implement and use information in order to solve problems, propose solutions and capture their audience's attention with joy and creativity.

Learning, however, is often a spiral process. Sometimes we don't even realize that we have learnt something until the moment we actually do it. Doing is important to learning. Taking control of our own learning is equally important. Digital learners have a wealth of tools at their disposal - including free books which they can download under the auspice of Creative Commons.

One such book is WHODUNIT which you can download here.  Books such as these, as well as the wide variety of online tools, help us all to become autonomous learners, taking control of what, how  and where we learn best.

Another cool option is the  MeeGenius Library, where you can listen to stories as you roll over the mouse and then even write your own story.

Digital learners are also independent learners; reading, writing, taking advantage of their digital world to create, share and collaborate with each other. 

How do you feel about being a digital learner? How has blending digital learning in your every day learning process  changed the way you learn?

I leave you with this video clip which perhaps may inspire in your reflections and considerations.

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