1 November 2010


As the seasons of 2010 quickly and steadily return to winter and to the end of this extraordinary year,  I find myself thinking of the significance of 2010's  celebration of Biodiversity. (here you can find more information and some games related to Biodiversity and the WWF)

2010 was the International Year of Biodiversity and  meetings and conferences are still being held around the world.  All around us, projects, plans and proposals are being made, discussed and implemented in many different fields - from sources of renewable energies to educational projects which may contribute positively to our planet Earth and future generations. 

The UAE, as other countries, has also  been under the spotlight for its carbon footprint, and it too has been making efforts to recycle and reduce its impact on our planet. Heroes of the UAE, for example,  has produced this short video clip which I include here below:

Two other movies which are worth watching, are Home and Earth. Both are beautifully made, focusing  on life and planet Earth. Home is also available in other languages, for example, in  French and in  Arabic.  If you are not sure whether you want to spend your free time watching either of these documentaries, I enclose a short trailer of Home:

In my view, thinking about our planet should not only be on Earth Day. In fact, every day is a chance for us all to contribute in some small way to the  well-being of our surroundings and environment. 

Sometimes we may also want to know more about different species and life on our planet. Encyclopedia of Life is an amazing place to begin exploring. 

If you are pressed for time, why not download Encyclopedia of Life's podcasts  and listen to 5 minute stories on the go? Not only can you listen to podcasts, but also by going to the page For Students, you can learn how to join discussions and contribute to the site itself. 

On the other hand, if you would prefer to discuss environmental issues with your friends and colleagues, or just plan a discussion on a topic - whether the environment or any other - why not use Voxopop?

Voxopop can be used as a discussion board where participants leave a recording of their view or opinion.
It is a cool tool to use for a Talk Group and there is even a section called Voxopop Sandbox. By clicking on the picture (which I include here on the left) you can actually practice creating a talk group before inviting your friends and colleagues to join in the discussion. 

And back to biodiversity. How many species can you find from your home in the world through Encyclopedia of Life?

Home. My home, your home. 

Our home. 

What can you contribute to our home called Earth? How have you celebrated 2010 International Year of Biodiversity? 

How can you continue protecting planet Earth for future generations?

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