27 November 2010

The Frog, the Octopus and the Viper

A frog, an octopus and a viper may not seem to make the best of friends but they will certainly help you with parts of speech and verb tenses in English. 

With Word Frog, you can practice vocabulary by matching opposites, synonyms and homonyms. The friendly octopus offers you Word Invasion, where you can practice parts of speech in English. 

The viper, who is never to be outdone, offers you practice with verb tenses. Verb Viper is also a cool way to practice subject/verb agreement. 

From frogs to turtles, Academic Skill Builders offers you different games to practice English grammar, either on your own or with friends. 

If you are interested in heros, then have a look at Marvin, a multimedia and animation platform which will certainly capture your imagination.  Marvin includes use of voice and animation, text and photographs. Awesome!

I would like to thank Susan Bainbridge for sharing this great site. Being a writer, Susan has an interest and deep understanding of literacies. Personally, I believe  our lives become richer  by using these tools and platforms to express ourselves. Digital literacies enhance learning.

And no literacy would be complete without your very own hero. HeroMachine 2.5  allows you to create your own hero, whether male or female and save your character. Explore HeroMachine 2.5 and share your hero with others as well as your hero's adventures!


  1. I want to thank you for becoming such a wonderful source for classroom and personal tools. There are so many fantastic Web 2.0 applications out there. A site like yours helps others to short list the good ones!

  2. Thank you Susan for your time and comment. Yes, there are many, many tools and sites out there; possibilities today are endless! I hope that that the sites and tools I refer to may be useful for both students and teachers - fun and experimenting are also part of learning :-)