19 December 2010


Do you tweet or boo?

Audioboo is a mobile and web platform which allows you to record and upload audio recordings for your friends as well as embed in your social networks. 

Basically, it is a platform which allows you to share, manage and create short audio clips, which you can also use as podcasts. Users are able to speak and immediately publish their voice to Facebook, Twitter or to another player in a website. Audioboo also allows you to listen to other users' "boos". Another feature which is appealing is that if you podcast with Audioboo, it can be automatically be updated on Facebook and iTunes. Mobiles are increasingly the most common way people connect, and Audioboo helps fill in that space of social audio. 

I enclose two short videos made by Mark Rock who explains how Audioboo can be used:

Walking through Audioboo from Mark Rock on Vimeo.

Hello AudioBoo from Mark Rock on Vimeo.

What boos are you going to send out?

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