4 December 2010

Be Safe

ImageChef.comWould you leave your car unlocked in a busy city? Would you leave the windows and door of your home unlocked before going away on holiday? Would you cross a busy street without first looking at the traffic?

Being safe online is as important as when crossing the road, when working in a chemistry lab,  or when leaving your home and locking the front door. 

Being safe online is essential.

Being safe online includes different aspects of safety, such as  being careful with your passwords to avoiding in-person meetings with people you meet online to even being safe when using your cell phone. 

As we increasingly use the internet for information, collaboration and socialization, E-Safety too has become part of being a digital citizen. Connect Safely  offers a range of tips and advice for students, teachers and parents, with a special page of tips for teenage online socializing. And remember, even when you blog, you need to to be a sensible digital citizen as well as to maintain your online safety. 

If you are not too sure what E-safety includes, test yourself with Cyber Citizens, which is an internet safety quiz that will make you reflect on how important it is to be safe online.

 Kidsmart is another website which offers great tips and advice on how to keep safe online. Here you will find pages giving tips and advice about topics such as digital footprints to safe searching and social networking

The BBC has a user-friendly site which explains internet basic as well as safety and privacy. After you read through these sites, why not test your knowledge by playing the game Webwise?

Just as when crossing a busy road, being a responsible digital citizen also means being safe online.

Be wise. Be safe.

Be a responsible digital citizen.

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