30 December 2010

Digital Reading - Your Choice

Have you ever wanted to jump into a story and change it?

Have you ever wanted to re-write a story to suit your mood?

And have you ever wanted to change a character by making him or her act differently?

That is exactly what you can do with Choice of GamesChoice of Games brings you stories which you can interact with. As you read the story, you are offered multiple choice questions. Your answers will then determine the next part of the story. I enclose an example here below from What Happened Last Night? As you make your choices, so too will the characters. Now, how about that for reading with a twist?

There are different kinds of stories to choose from as well - romantic to adventure stories, and even dragon stories. 

Choice of Games offers readers narratives in which they can take an active role. The more meaningful your choice, the more meaningful the outcomes of the story become. 

I'd like to thank Kyle Mawer for having first posted Dragon Game in Digital Play - one of the most innovative blogs around and which  I have referred to before. 

If you are more interested in books and wonder how to choose a good book, why don't you join a book club? bookglutton is a social network where you can find information about books, exchange your views on books with others and participate in book clubs. As with most other sites, you sign up, sign in and are ready to start a book group and exchange insights and ideas with others who are reading (or who have read) the same book. 

What will you be reading in the New Year?

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