2 December 2010

Do You Dare?

Learning may be many things, but essentially, it is  about daring your mind to expand and letting your human spirit grow.  Thankfully, we no longer live in an age where learners are regarded as empty vessels and fed only what the elders decided was worth knowing about.  Today learners have more choices than ever before. 

One of these choices, is to regard the blogosphere as a source of inspiration, dialogue and a dynamic learning space. Which brings me to what is creating a current frenzy on the internet. Nasa has recently announced astrobiology findings, which challenge previously held beliefs that life forms could not exist in hostile environments. 

Alternative life forms, ETs, and aliens, have always populated humankind's imagination. Inquiring into this possibility is daring your mind to accept other forms of life and a whole universe of exceptional differences. 

Whether aliens will be like us humans or not, that is not up to me to say. I would like, however, to share what Professor Simon Conway Morris (a paleontologist researcher at Cambridge University)  has to say about aliens. 

You don't need to have a specific interest in theories of evolution to explore Nasa. Here you can discover 
information about aeronautics to the solar system and planet earth; you can also learn how Nasa plays a role in your daily life and how space exploration has an impact in our daily routines. With images, videos and podcasts, Nasa offers a wealth of resources for us to explore and expand our minds. You can even learn about walking in space with Nasa's Station Spacewalk Game which you can play on your browser or download (available both for Windows and Mac users). 

If Nasa has opened your appetite for further explorations, find out what Galactic Suite has to offer you. 

Do you dare to open your mind to ever further learning and inquiry?

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