13 December 2010

Games Online

Do you remember the days before homework and assignments? Days when all you were asked to do was to play?

Playing is an important part of our human development and playing games does not end after a language class. There are many language games available online today but there are also other games which also help you to improve your language skills. 

I've already mentioned Digital Play by Graham Stanley and Kyle Mawer who blog activities and 
ideas using computer games.  Today I would like to suggest some other games and sites which will help you improve your language skills as well as learning while you play. 

The National Geographic has a great selection of games and adventures ready for you to experience. You will find interactive games and zipper games - and a lot more ready for you to explore.

Sploder  takes games a step further. You not only can play games with Sploder, but also make your very own games - and then share with your friends.  Just like with many other tools, you need to sign up  and remember your password. There are competitions and even a following on Twitter

If you don't feel quite ready enough to design your own game, why not play Esklavos - you can choose between playing in Spanish or in English. 

Scholastic offers a range of games for different ages, ranging from juniors to more seniors. Scholastic is currently running a global literacy campaign, so it is well worth visiting. If you participate in a social network or have your own blog, join the global literacy campaign by telling your friends with a global literacy badge that you can easily include in your digital space.

Another game which is challenging is Kafkamesto, which is based on the life of Franz Kafka.  If you would rather play a game with more fantasy, why not try Phantasy Quest? Are you able to unlock all the mysteries?

And who does not remember the friendliest cat around with a love of lasagna? Professor Garfield is rich site with tips on internet safety and an infinity learning lab. Who said that learning couldn't be fun?

I leave you with part one of Garfield's advice regarding internet safety.

Whether you will soon be on a holiday or still having classes, there are plenty of ways to continue learning and improving your language skills.

Have you got any favourite game you would like to share?

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