8 December 2010

The Magic of Thank You

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Do you believe in magic?

I do. 

Magic happens. Magical moments come when we least expect them to. 

Today, at the end of a long, busy day, an ex-student of mine, thanked me. Let me tell you a little bit about this student. I shall call this student, Student S. 

When I first met Student S, Student S was young and carefree - or rather, sometimes careless as a student. Student S is bright, witty and a very capable student. However, because Student S is so capable of being a good student and achieving success, Student S didn't try too hard. 

Until the day when Student S discovered the power and creativity that the internet opened up. By using certain tools available online, Student S suddenly released all the potential Student S had inside, creating and sharing wonderful ideas and skills. Student S also shared certain tools with the family and taught family members how to use them. Today, some of  Student S's family members teach others how to use these tools and how learning can indeed be fun.

Learning. Teaching. Sharing.


But the magic does not end there. Today, Student S thanked me for sharing Xtranormal and for insisting that Student S also had to make a movie, just like all the other students. Today Student S is more mature, more self-confident and eager to be the best of students.

Learning. Teaching. Sharing.

Not always easy. And certainly not fun when there are exams to pass, assignments to complete   and projects to submit within a deadline. 

If learning is not always easy, teaching too is not always easy - there are always so many questions that one doesn't necessarily have answers for. How does learning actually take place? Will the students be able to do well in their tasks and exams? Have I as a teacher chosen the right task for a particular group of students - all alike, but equally all  different individuals?

Yet students do succeed.  They often succeed. And sometimes, they even say Thank You!

Magic. That is when a magical moment occurs with two simple words.

As an individual, I too have many, many people to thank - from students who have always shared and taught me so much, to colleagues who have always collaborated, shared, inspired me and have been so great to work with. To you all, thank you!

Who have you thanked recently?


  1. The last one "you"

    Because of you I know how to make a nice cartoon with Xtranormal , I really thanks you so much for teaching us how to use it.In addition , students these days need to know more about creating movies and edit it. Also ,it's need someone like you to teach them how to deal with it .I'm sure that I will use it also in next days and I will still thank you .

    Regards ,
    as you called to me
    Student S

  2. Hi S,

    Thank you for taking time to visit my blog! I hope that you may find ideas here that will inspire you and with which you will have fun to create and develop great projects.

    I can only say congratulations to you for having become such a wonderful, creative student! The world is your oyster, and I am sure that you will continue doing very well. You are an inspiring example for so many other students and teachers; hold on to your dreams and succeed in all your goals!

    All the very best - go girl go! :-)

  3. Excellent blog. Nice sentiments.

  4. Thank you for visiting Dominic; I hope that you may find some helpful ideas here. Happy New Year!

  5. Replies
    1. How could I not, Shamsa? :-) Wishing you the continuation of success and joy in life!