18 December 2010

Mind the Gap and Try a Mashup

Have you ever had a project which you had to look for updated information online?

Newsmap is a mashup where daily news are regularly updated.  You can quickly find current news from business to technology, from sports to entertainment.  It's easy to navigate and you can also customise it to your own needs and interests.

Gapminder is another great site when you are looking for facts and figures. Here you can see how wealth and health has developed around the world. You can explore the video section which brings graphs and facts alive and look for data reflecting trends around the world. You will also find different videos explaining world statistics, most notably by Hans Rosling. I include a short video from Ted Talks where Hans Rosling presents a talk on mindsets and datasets:

You too can make such graphs by downloading the Gapminder Desktop which allows you to create animated statistics.

How can you best use these sites to help you in your projects?

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