31 December 2010

Netvibes and Hunches

Do you ever feel that you want more control over how you browse the web? More control to create your own world online?

Netvibes gives you the possibility to personalize your web experience by bringing together all the social networks you belong to, pages you visit regularly, photos, widgets and a lot more. You can access your personal space from any computer or mobile and keep track of your favourite topics. 

Netvibes also has a blog which you can follow or read up on the latest developments and trends using Netvibes. In a nutshell, Netvibes allows you to create your own space and navigate the web as you want to, but it also allows you to connect with friends and share content

Here below is a short video on how to get started with Netvibes and what you can do with it:

Ever had a hunch (a feeling)?

hunch is another tool which gives you the chance to personalize your web experience. hunch personalizes your web searches, providing recommendations to your questions and inquiries.

 All you need is to sign in through your Facebook or Twitter account, and you are ready to personalize your experience online. Here below I include a short video which gives some examples of how you can use hunch:

Hunch.com Review from PowerEPlayers on Vimeo.

Enjoy your mashups, inquiries and personal spaces, but as always, remember to be safe, whether in social networks or when creating your own personal learning spaces.

How will you be using your personal digital space?

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