1 December 2010

Pics4Learning, Yearbooks and Pective

Pics4Learning is a copy-right friendly image bank for teachers and students and is well worth having a look at when searching for images. You can browse by topic or run a search for what you are looking for. 

Additionally, Pics4Learning also offers some tutorials on how to create a folder for a project and how to save information for a project bibliography. 

If you are an avid photographer, perhaps you too could contribute to this image library for teachers and students. 

And speaking of images, have you ever wondered what you could have looked like in another frame of time? 

Yearbook Yourself gives you the opportunity to upload a photo (one that works best is a photo without 
 a fringe and with yourself looking straight at the camera) and try out different looks from the 1950's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's.  The mashups can be real fun!

All you need to do,  is to upload a photo and decide what year you would like to go back to. You can then choose to have your photo in a portrait, pictured in a scene from students' lives and the most likely to....?

After you make your selection, you can then easily rotate and move the image (i.e. your uploaded photo) so that it fits in the overall yearbook photo. Yearbook Yourself  comes with one unspoken danger - you will have so much fun, that you will end up spending a lot of time laughing with your friends and family. 

My last byte for this is posting, is to suggest that you have a look at pective.  Without spoiling your fun, I leave you with a screenshot. 

What will you be doing with images?

How can you best use images for projects and fun?

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