29 December 2010

Smories and Messages

At this time of year, we tend to remember headlines and stories which took place throughout the year. Every year is filled with amazing stories - from surviving floods and earthquakes to stories of events which happened closer to home. Whether it is a story about success or loss, about survival or discovery, there are stories which move us all in different ways. 

Which brings me to ask, where are our very own stories? Where are the stories we love reading and sharing?

Smories is a place with stories for younger readers and listeners. Smories offers young readers different stories according to their age group but with a difference: these stories are read aloud by a young reader. For children who can already read, each short video clip is accompanied by sub-titles, which really helps language learners to improve their reading pace and skills. 

But there is more: Smories is safe for children and you too can contribute by recording your favourite story and sending it to Smories or even a story. 

If you find Smories too simple, why not start your own story telling video club within your own school or class wiki?

And for those who are far from friends and family, why not send out a message with a difference?

MessageHop allows you to create personalized messages by adding text and images - and no sign up is required. All you need to do is click on "Start Here" and you are reading to create your message. 

Then, once you have completed your message,  you just have to  email it - your own personalized message with a difference. 

How many messages will you be sending?

What stories will you be telling and sharing?

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