30 December 2010

Wiggio or Evernote?

Social networks  keep on expanding, multiplying, and offering us  a wealth of social communities to choose from. Whether you facebook or wiki, social networks help us in a wide variety of ways - keeping in touch with friends and family, running one's business or simply helping us to learn and collaborate more easily. 

Wiggio is a great tool to use when you are working in a group. You can create your own group, invite who you want in the group, store and edit files, host web meetings and even take polls in real time. 

How does Wiggio do so much? Take a few moments to watch the video clips below:

If you feel that you need a more personal tool to help you in your day-to-day, Evernote comes to your rescue.

Evernote is free for Mac,  Window and Android  users, easy to download and install.  With Evernote, you can collect all the data you capture in the same place and quickly access it anywhere.
You can use Evernote with a group as well.

Which of these tools will you be trying out in 2011?

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