31 December 2010

Writing, Collaborating

It's all very well for me to ask for stories and wanting to read your stories, but where does one begin? How do we begin writing? 

Collab-o-Write is a place where you can find support in your writing and collaborate with others. You will find projects created by students for students, as well as writing tips. It's a great place to begin. 

Collab-o-Write even offers pictures and cartoons to help inspire your writing. Another feature Collab-o-Write offers you is the possibility of ending someone else's story. You can choose from mystery stories to adventure stories, and for the romantic, there are also romance stories for you to end. 

Why not select a story to complete and compare your endings with your classmates and friends?

ZooBurst offers writers another great way of creating personalized stories and books. But with a difference. ZooBurst is a writing tool which creates pop-up books. You can also browse the gallery and read others' pop-up stories. As you click on the arrow, the page will turn and a new scene will pop up with the continuation of the story. 

Kevin McLaughlin gives an example of how he uses ZooBurst below in this short video:

I've mostly mostly mentioned sites and tools which provide practice in English - how about other languages? Novlet is a collaborative writing site where you can write in English and in other languages.

You can find stories and more tips for improving your writing.

Writing no longer needs to be a lonely process. You can collaborate with others. You too can inspire others.

And best of all, you can share your inspiration and creativity with others.

So, what's stopping you?

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