4 January 2011

106 Interesting Things

Never before have we generated as much data as today. As a result, one challenge is to transform so much data into creative visuals, making all that information easily understandable. 

the creative internet (106) is a site that invites you to some of the most creative and exciting visual projects on the web. From mash-ups to maps, wonderwalls to dreams, from the art of youtube to 3D visuals which track your eye movement as it reacts to what you read, the creative internet (106) may sometimes be  provocative, but never boring.  It offers you a slide show of these creative sites which you can then explore with more time. 

Views of the World is one of the sites referred to in the creative internet (106). Here you can see how data is projected onto maps. For example, how is Qatar perceived now that it will be hosting the next World Cup? How does Great Britain view the world? What are the world's resources and how is our world changing? Views of the World goes beyond describing data by visualizing that information with maps. 

What interesting things will you be exploring?

How can you add visuals to your data?

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