19 January 2011

All About Alice

Do you have a favourite book from your childhood?

One of my favourite books was Alice in Wonderland. Throughout the years, I have returned to wonderland,  re-experiencing Alice's adventures and to enjoy the wonderful use of language. 

More recently,  I watched  the movie directed by Tim Burton and once again, delighted in the exceptional play of words and linguistic games. 

 One question,  which I sometimes share with  Alice,   is 
"What's the use of a book, without questions or conversations?"

Have you ever felt that way when reading a book?

Today, in our age of constant collaboration and participation, there are many ways to engage with questions and conversations about books and stories. 

There are also different ways to tell stories. Especially digital stories.
Alice is a free educational tool which teaches students computer  programming in a 3D environment. You can create an animation for a story, play interactive games as well as share videos.  3D graphics and drag & drop features help making this a fun and interesting experience. 

Watch the brief tutorial to introduce you to Alice. If you would like to know more about this programming tool, watch this video from a Google Tech Talk which explains more about Alice

Is this impossible for you?

Only if you believe it is.

(the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland


  1. Cristina,
    Iam going to start my blog very soon. I am not a creative person. You did encourage me to give it a try though.Your blog is full of original and creative ideas.It’s worth keeping an eye on your blog on a daily basis. I love it.
    I really want to be your student.
    Take care

  2. Hi Vicky,

    I'm really happy if you find inspiration here; share your creative ideas with your students, let them express themselves, encourage them to find their voices and unleash their creativity - even low level language learners can use tools which allow them to express themselves in English in the most creative and assertive ways :-)

    Most of all, it is so motivating for both parties (students and teachers) to see learners become comfortable with the available online tools, to use them as them as they are most appropriate (e.g. for collaboration, investigation, participation) and to see the pleasure and satisfaction that students get at the end of a task.