6 January 2011

Are You Reading or Listening?

To read or to listen to stories? What choices do you have, especially if you live far from a library?

Today, you don't need to worry about travelling distances to libraries - libraries come to your fingertips with the speed of a couple of clicks. 

There are many choices online and today I'd like to suggest 3 interesting sites where you can find books to listen to and read.

Books Should Be Free offers  free books which you can download and listen to whenever and where ever you want. You can find books about history, science-fiction, poetry, stories for teens and more. Have a look and find something really interesting to listen to. 

Ever wondered what book you should read next?
What Should I Read Next is the site you are looking for! What Should I Read Next also lets you enter your favourite books and authors to share with others.

60 Seconds Recap is another site worth exploring for books, especially if you would like to have a preview or review of a book. There is also a section with tips for reading and writing - so why not find out what Jenny has to say?

Reading is liberating, reading is fun. Reading will also help you achieve your dreams and goals.

What are you reading today?

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