9 January 2011

Digital Fragments

Life is not always as we wish it to be. Lives can be fragmented, stories have missing pieces; yet, they are still stories to be told,  recorded down and shared as stories. 

How does one record fragments of life? How does one put fragments together to develop a story?

The Whale Hunt is an example of how fragments of images tell a story. The Whale Hunt is a story of images, of a narrative expressing a story and its sub-stories. Digital story telling has not lost the art of story-telling; rather, digital story telling adds value by pulling together different media to tell a story. Visual images are not random. Visual images follow a time-line and each visual adds to the story. 
The Whale Hunt started off as an experiment in digital story-telling but it is one which also serves as an example of what transliteracy offers us today. 

Storify is another story telling site worth looking into and exploring. Using stories which people post to social media, you can collect them, mash them up and then embed them in your blog or personal digital space.

Storify demo from Burt Herman on Vimeo.

Still not convinced? Then why not try Storyjumper - create your own story in only 7 steps. With Storyjumper, you can create your very own story as well as read other stories which others have written. You can also read then customize others' stories - though it would be a lot more fun to create your own personal stories with the props and backgrounds which Storyjumper provides. As with most other tools, you just need to sign up (and remember your password) to get started. 

Life's fragments are for you to weave together as a story. Weaving stories, creating stories helps make sense of life and all the fragments of experience.

What fragments are you going to weave together this year? What stories do you have to share?


  1. I've been impressed.Its a really good job that you've done.Keep it up!

  2. Hi Vicky,

    Thank you for dropping by! Hope that you may find something here that's useful and fun to do with your students - they can be so creative and productive given the chance.