30 January 2011


With so much information constantly being thrown at us, Dipity is cool tool to organise events and to create a visual timeline where these events are easy to follow and understand. With Dipity, you can collect data from all over the internet and organise them in a chronological order, including your choices of text, images, audio and video. 

Events don't need to be current; you can use Dipity to create historic timelines as well. Another possible project is to use Dipity to explain the timeline of a natural disaster, its consequences and what was done to help those involved. Of course, however you use Dipity, it is a great way to explore the past, present and even make predictions for the future. Here you can find Dipity's FAQ and below I enclose a short video on how to get started with Dipity

What time lines will you be creating?


  1. Hi C!
    How long did it take you to create this recent blog? You put them together so efficiently, but maybe because I am only seeing the end product, I have no real idea of what all it took you to put this together.


  2. Been thinking about all your posts on your blogs and how you present them as teaching tools -- something for teachers to use with their students. But I got to thinking. Why should I limit these tools to just my students? I should learn them and play around with them too, as if I were a student. Just allowing myself to be in the role of a teacher, an educator, is limiting. I need to put myself back in the student position so that I can continue to learn, in a different way.

  3. Hi Jeri,

    You're absolutely right! I often find that I need (and like) to try out the tools; some I tend to like more than others but find all of them interesting. It really depends on our context and who we are working with. And what we would like learners to do and learn with them.

    On another note, you are right as well - we don't have to limit ourselves to using these tools only for teaching. There are lots of tools which can be used for anything you like. For example, you can create a personal CV with Glogster, or create a digital story to share/give to someone. (yes, I do love digital story-telling)

    Thank you for taking time to visit my blog and posting a comment; let me know what tools you have enjoyed using.

  4. Create a CV with Glogster?!? How? That'd be interesting.

    As I said, I want to approach Web 2.0 tools from a students' perspective for a bit, meaning I am the student. I'd like to be in that role for a while because I feel like I haven't been learning enough lately.

  5. Hi Jeri,

    I understand exactly what you mean and it's easy! Just think of what you would like to do for yourself and try out the tools. You can think of using the tools/platforms to create your own e-portfolio in different ways (for example, with wix.com).

    My own process is often thinking how I would like to learn, how I would be engaged in a classroom and doing assignments. Then I try out the tools.

    What's so empowering is that accessing knowledge, creating and sharing one's creations are easy and accessible today.

    And yes, it does take some time to try out different platforms and tools but definitely worth it - easy! Just do it :-)

  6. Hi Jeri,

    When I mentioned creating a CV with Glogster, I was thinking of including perhaps some personal philosophy on education, and definitely some multimedia - a video, for example. And images of perhaps your ideal classroom or a classroom you've been in or work in. There are all kinds of possibilities!

    On the other hand, I also understand that education tends to be on the conservative side and though it acknowledges how important e-learning is, doesn't always expect practioners to be sending out their CV in a glog. Well....perhaps we can, in an attachment ;-)

    Why not?

  7. Hello Ana,

    Thank you for this great blogpost. We should probably create a new basic tutorial for the new version of Dipity, huh?

    You have some great ideas of how to use Dipity. We look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future.

    -Steve, Dipity Community Manager

  8. Hi Stephen,

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    Yes, Dipity is a great tool to use for so many different kinds of projects; I am hoping that my students will also enjoy working with Dipity as well. It's a great learning tool.

  9. Hi C!
    A few days ago I finally signed up for Dipity and started to put together a timeline -- even adding pictures. I haven't finished it yet. I can see myself using Dipity as a journal, recording my adjustment to my new surroundings and where my head's at these days. Thanks for introducing me to this fun tool.


  10. Hi Jeri,

    That's a great idea! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to seeing your time line soon :-)