23 January 2011

Exploring Museums

Travelling has always been inspirational for me.  I take as much  pleasure from the experience of travelling as I do from arriving at a destination. 

Travelling broadens our minds, enriching awareness of our planet and of others. We may not always have the opportunity to travel to places, visit museums nor enjoy the wonders of different cultures, but there are places which we can visit and enjoy. At the click of a key. 

Exploratorium is an online museum of science, art and human perception. You can find online activities, web-features such as interviews and videos, online exhibits and more. 

The Computer History Museum is another cool museum to visit online. For those with an interest in computer chess, there is a whole section to explore. 

And of course, there is Virtual Tours, where you can tour museums as different as the Andy Warhol to a Roman Open Air Museum.   

Which museum will you be exploring? Can you add any other museum which has inspired you?

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