10 January 2011

MixBook, Atmosphir and Vocabulary Co

Mixbook is a great way to create your personalized scrapbook. You can work on it by yourself or collaborate with friends. Mixbook also allows you to create calendars and personalized cards for different events.

See how simple it is to begin creating by watching the video below:

For those of you who really would like a challenge - why not create a computer game to play with your friends?

Atmosphir   helps you create your very own online games - for free. As with most other online tools, you need to sign up and then sign in. Once you have, you may begin designing your very own game and adventures!

As you develop your story telling and game design skills, remember to try out some vocabulary games as well. After all, how can we tell stories without words?

Vocabulary Co is friendly site where you can make different kinds of word games and then test them out on friends - from word searches to prefixes and idioms, Vocabulary Co offers different kinds of games for you to create as well as offering you more resources to practice and expand your vocabulary in English. 

What games will you be creating?

How will you be using Mixbook in 2011?

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