6 January 2011

More Digital Stories

Stories are like road trips. You never know what lies ahead until you get there. Each trip is a passage, a unique experience of growth and insights. 

Reading offers you similar experiences and digital stories, written with a range of platforms, challenge your imagination and understandings even more. 

Live Book is a story written across two online communities - Facebook and Bebo. Live Book has two heros - Helen and Brian. Their stories unfold as members of the social networks write the plot and others accept or reject the story. In order to read these stories, you need to be a member of Facebook or Bebo and then log in. 

Meanwhile, Ryan and Sarah are trying to find out what is happening in Skeleton Creek. Ryan writes his story and Sarah videos. Passwords and and links are given throughout the book - are you able to solve the mysteries in Skeleton Creek?

We Tell Stories brings you six stories - a digital initiative by Penguin. Fairy Tales, by Kevin Brooks, allows the reader to participate by the reading adding  names to characters and other features which I won't disclose now - I shall leave the pleasure of discovery to you. 

With six digital stories to choose from, We Tell Stories is one reading site that you shouldn't miss. Each one is innovative in its own way - the best one is of course, your choice. 

 253 is an example of a broken narrative. Why 253? What does 253 refer to? As the blurb says, in cyberspace, people become places. The rest now is up to you to discover. 

What narratives you will be travelling on?


  1. I think you gonna challenge me!Great ideas for teaching.

  2. Hi Vicky,

    Thank you again! Think of your students, their likes/dislikes and what skills they need to develop; from there it's easy to tailor the tool to the task - whether reading/listening/speaking or writing. Let them create digital stories and then embed them in their blogs - you will see how they will not leave the classroom until they are happy to share their work. Magic! :-)