31 January 2011

Music Me!

Can you imagine life without sound? Without music?

I can't even begin imagining what it would be like to live in a soundless world as music has been such a great part of my life.

That is why I would like to suggest  ways of making and sharing music, as well as learning with music. 

UJAM  is a platform which lets you sing a song and produce it, just as you want it to be.  You can compose, produce and publish your music, then share with your friends.  I enclose a short video here below for you to see how easy it is to begin using UJAM.

Another  cool site for producing musical tracks is Myna. Myna is part of the free online Aviary tools and is easy to use as well. Myna also offers a tutorial page as well as FAQ for those who want to try out their musical skills. 

Once you have created your tunes, you can turn to SoundCloud - a platform which shares your music with whoever you want to online. Another feature is that SoundCloud includes over 100 Apps which can be used with SoundCloud. You can also explore other's music and share music under  Creative Commons.  SoundCloud creates wave visuals which are fun to share and also provides users with a forum to post questions and other forms of collaboration.

Then there are times when listening to music actually helps us learn languages. With lyrics training,  look for songs that you like and learn how to sing along with their lyrics - couldn't be easier, could it?

Music and colours are very much part of my life and yours. Adding musical tracks to your projects is a great way to also add value and share your talents with others.  

Give it a try  - express yourself with music!

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