18 January 2011

Myths, Legends and Museum Boxes

Every culture has its myths and legends.According to Frank Kermode, myths help us endure. Myths, legends, tales of heroic deeds, tales of magical creatures - all stir our imagination and understanding of our worlds. 

You too can create and add your own myth and legend by using Myths and Legends. Myths and Legends is a cool site where you can read others' myths/legends and create your own. You begin by choosing your setting, then can add text, images and sound. There are myths for everyone, as well as a map of myths.

Museum Box is another cool site which can help you in projects. With Museum Box you can add description of an event, a person or historical period by placing items in a virtual box. You can display anything from a text file to a movie.You can view others' boxes and add your comments to their arguments and presentation of their virtual boxes.

Here you can watch a short video which explains what Museum Box does.

What can you create with these tools?

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  1. Cristina,
    I do agree with you about Blogs. I find it that it is simple and easy. However, you do need to devote time though.Blogs provide freedom of creativity.You are doing great job for both students and teachers. I do find it very promising what you are doing. It provides real time up -to -date information. Keep it up!!!