23 January 2011


When you think about life, you may consider it being made up of little things -  events, encounters, that together weave the patterns and rhythms of life. Some events may be more significant than others (for example, a graduation or  a wedding), but there are so many other moments which make up your life. 

Why not celebrate these events and encounters with a movie?

PhotoPeach is a a free slideshow that which you can use to upload photos, add music and then share with others. It is simple to use as you can see in the video clip below. PhotoPeach includes pan and zoom effects as you see in the example I enclose further below:

Making a PhotoPeach from Parkfield Primary on Vimeo.

I love driving and this is part of the landscape that surrounds me:

What stories and events will you be  celebrating with PhotoPeach?

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