4 January 2011

popplet or Creaza?

popplet can be regarded as an organising tool for visuals but it is also more than that. With popplet, you can create mind-maps, collaborate with others and even brainstorm ideas. You can create digital stories, create timelines and move from the brainstorming phase to action plans. 

I enclose a short video which demonstrates how you can use popplet.
popplet preview from popplet on Vimeo.

Speaking of mind-maps, have you tried mind-mapping with Mindomo? With Mindomo, you can associate topics and sub-topics, develop story ideas and illustrate a decision tree. 

Better still is to explore what Creaza can offer you - Mindomo, Cartoonist, MovieEditor and AudioEditor. All in one multimedia tool pack, available after you sign up.

Watch the video and see how easy Creaza is to use. 

Be adventurous, unleash your creativity and never be bored again!

How will you be using popplet?

What stories will you be creating with Creaza?

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