17 January 2011

Shifts in Education

Every generation contributes to paradigm shifts. Paradigm shifts are complex and often one only accepts them after they have become established, rather than when paradigms are shifting. 

Shifts are not necessarily comfortable either - they raise too many questions. Paradigm shifts may provoke discomfort but they also provide growth.
Sir Ken Robinson  focuses on some of these current shifts and how they are affecting education.

What shifts do you think are urgently required in education?


  1. Cristina,
    Your blog is a treasure trove of resources and help for teachers who are interested in educational technology.

  2. Hi Vicky,

    Thank you so much for taking time to visit my blog.My students have used many of these resources and it's great to know that others may find them useful as well.

    We are living a major paradigm shift and education cannot afford to trail behind; students have so much talent yet are not always aware of how to channel their positive energies and creativity. Teaching them how to use these tools, guiding them how to become responsible digital citizens and life-long learners should (in my view) be part of education today.