23 January 2011

Staging Comics and Read Me

STAGE'D is a cool site where you can make comics. All you need to do is to  download Unity 3D to your computer and you are ready to begin. Once you have downloaded Unity 3D (which appears immediately after you click on Try It!), you will see the following map which guides you on the steps you will take to create your animation (as you can see here on the right). 

Comic Master is another awesome site where you can create graphic stories and is part of the Read Me website. Read Me is an excellent site for both teachers and students - and basically for anyone with an interest in reading skills and learning. Although it announces itself as an engaging site for teenage boys, the resources found here are a a wealth for everyone. 

The British Library is hosting a current exhibition (until 3rd April 2011) on Evolving English and is worth your time to visit.  Click on Map your Voice where you can add your voice and listen to others. 

There is quite a lot to explore at The British Library. I will leave you with a short video on another current exhibition - Growing Knowledge. 

Which cartoon/comic maker have you found the most fun to use? What uses are you going to make of Read Me?


  1. Cristina,
    There are many tools around.Are you using these with your students? Its a habit for me to check your blog every morning.

  2. Hi Vicky,

    Yes, there are lots of different tools and platforms and no, I don't necessarily use all of them because so much depends on students' needs, interests and contexts. So I need to select which ones to use and when.

    The first step is to consider your students, the tasks they need to do and then choose a tool which would be of interest to them to carry out that task.

    Learning should be fun and hopefully instill learner autonomy skills; guide students into taking an active role by personalizing their learning process - it can make such a difference in motivation! (some students may prefer creating a movie with Animoto, while others prefer Xtranormal; as long they have practised both, they can then make more informed choices)

    Sometimes, a tool or platform may be merely a personal choice; for example, both Wiggio and Edmodo are similar yet some people prefer using one or the other. The same can be said about animations and movie makers or the different kinds of digital story telling (as well as other tools which are available).

    Also, introduce one tool & platform at a time; I have found that not everyone is familiar with many of the tools and need time to practice before moving on to another new tool.

    Thank you for stopping by and taking time to leave your thoughts and comments; I look forward to reading your blog soon! And if you get your students to develop their own blog, I would love to read them too - I am certain that you will become a great inspiration to them :-)