11 January 2011

Story Makers and Comics

People of all ages write stories. Adventure stories, science-fiction stories, or just a good story about interesting characters and their lives. 

  ArtisanCam is a site where you can either create a personalized story for a child or teach young learners how to write their own story. 

With 4 characters to choose from, it is simple to drag and drop the character, click for a different pose and add some text as in the example below.

The BBC also has a cool site for young learners where they can write their stories by completing the questions. Story Maker is fun and easy to use, helping you to write a story. You can choose from science fiction, a horror story or a fairy tale. 

Some writers prefer to tell a story with cartoons. In that case, why not try out Comic Life? Comic Life is great for telling your own story by adding your own images. Comic Life integrates photos, captions and speech balloons - you just need to go ahead and create your hero!

Story makers or comics? Which will you be creating with?

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  1. Cristina is a great job.You are very creative teacher.It sounds very interesting for students.I am planning to use them with my students.