24 January 2011

Trees of Knowledge

I  tend to nourish questions in life. Questions are special. Questions open doors and windows and lead to growth.

Yet, where does one begin looking for possible answers?

Knowledge can be perceived as a tree, each branch leading on to further fields of inquiry. This is not truly new - already in the Book of Genesis there is reference to the Tree of Knowledge. Knowledge was once hard to come by; it belonged only to a social elite.  Today, our world is flatter, with more opportunities for questioning and finding possible answers which contribute to our knowledge of life and the world. 

Answerbag is one site where you can share your questions and explore others' questions; you can also  include your own opinion on a topic and see the results of surveys. 

If you are looking for something more in line with your studies, go to Flat World Knowledge, where you can find free books online and affordable texts offline. 

Interested in knowing more? Watch this short video clip about Flat World Knowledge:

Perhaps one day you find yourself wondering about what it means to be human and the mysteries of life on our planet. Becoming Human is an excellent site to begin discovering the journey of human evolution. Becoming Human is rich in resources and offers classroom materials as well interactive activities. 

Frans Lanting is one of my favourite wild life photographers, and you can find more of his work here

Life, A Journey Through Time, is a spectacular collection of photographs of our planet. Life, is a lyrical bridge between science and nature, with photography so beautiful that it will encourage you to find beauty where ever you live. 

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  1. Hi Nas,

    Thank you for passing by and leaving a comment. Yes, Frans Lanting is an awesome photographer and has the most amazing work. So glad that you liked A Journey through Time!