14 January 2011

Visual Search Engines

Just like in other areas of life, sometimes we get stuck in routines which are not easy to break free from. We keep to the path we know well, not bothering much with trying out new ways of looking at life. When using the internet, these same habits and routines take over, preventing one's insights and experiences to become richer. 

When was the last time you tried out a new search engine? I myself cannot imagine life without Google, but there are alternatives which are fun and interesting - and which also save time when searching for information. 

10x10 is a visual search engine which scans data from different news sources, presenting information in a different format.  When you open 10x10, you immediately are presented with a grid of the top 100 images of that hour, ranked in order of importance, from left to right. As you move your mouse around the images, you will see which words match the images. Easy. Simply click the zoomed image and then read the news headline behind the word which is linked with the image. 

Another cool image engine is search-cube. With search-cube, type in what you are looking for, and a cube with images will pop up, inviting you to select your choice. 

As you can see in the example, I typed education in the search box, and immediately a selection of pages appeared. 

If you have young brothers and sisters, there is also a great site for children to carry out searches. Quintura for Kids is designed to help young learners to look for information in a safe environment. 

What if you want something more serious? Perhaps you have time and really want to look for something more specialized, let's say, in the field of business. Pandia Search Central is the place to go. Pandia Search Central claims to be like a Swiss army knife, offering the reader plenty of choices and more search tools, according to what you are looking for. Definitely a site worth exploring when searching for data. 

And if you are not in the mood for data searching, why not adopt a digital pet? Personalize your choice  and share your adopted pet in your social network or blog. 

Meet Mimi the panda! (keep her happy by feeding her some delicious digital bamboo; just click on more, then drag & drop)
Which of these search engines will you be exploring? 

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