30 January 2011

Walk on the Wild Side

Can you recognise this mythical creature? Do you know where  it lives?

You can start by describing what you see, then....

Visit Build Your Wild Self, a cool site where you can create hybrids and mythical creatures as well as visit the New York Zoos and Aquarium.  Build Your Wild Self is easy to use, and once you have created your wild self, you just send it to your email address and download the image. 

You can share your wild self with friends, describing your hybrid self for them to guess which animal parts your are referring to.  Together you can create an environment where your wild selves would live. 

The New York Zoos and Aquarium brings you up-to-date about wildlife and their well-being, as well as offering multimedia for you to explore. There are podcasts, videos and slideshows which all teach us more about wild-life kept in zoos and aquariums. 

Two other great sites for young learners are e-Learning for Kids and Primary Games Arena. Both have a range of games and exercises for English as well - just have a look at Sentence Doctor (Primary Games Arena) to see how you can improve your writing. 

Do you have a wild side? 

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