11 January 2011

Walking the Net

Have you ever thought about walking along roof tops? Exploring a city from above? 

Perhaps that may sound as impossible as walking the net but then again....

walkthe.net is a site which invites you to explore, reflect and act. While walking the net. 

In search of competence, walking and guiding a web walk , Creating games with Thinking Worlds, are among the most popular walks.  Once you choose a walk, there are several steps, each one making you explore, reflect and act your way to understanding. At the end of each walk, you may even win a badge. Participating in the walks is as easy as logging on to your Facebook account or signing in as a guest. 

Are you ready to learn something new?

(I'd like to thank Anton Tkachenko for the above photo of roof tops, which I first saw featured in Cooliris)

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