8 February 2011

Answer Garden

Mary Mary, quite contrary, 
How does your garden grow?

With silver bells and cockle shells,
And simple answers all in a row!

I am sure this nursery rhyme will come to your mind when you try out Answer Garden

Answer Garden is a simple tool to use and especially practical for brainstorming and carrying out mini polls. It's free and best of all, requires no sign up. You begin by creating a new question on the create a new Answer Garden which will then lead you immediately to a new page where participants can type in the answer. Once you have the replies, you can embed the answer garden in your social networks and blogs. 

Another cool feature of Answer Garden is that you can administer the replies before making it public, thus ensuring that inappropriate language is not included. 

You can also then export the data to Wordle or Tagxedo to make colourful word clouds which you may want to print or embed in your blog or social network. Plant a question. Grow answers!

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