26 February 2011

Avatar Me!

Using avatars is a  fun way to add pictures to your social networks and other e-spaces. With avatarizeyourself, you can create your very own avatar based on the movie Avatar by James Cameron. The instructions are in German, but even if you don't speak German, it is simple to upload your photo. Begin by uploading your photo  where it says:

Foto hochladen -> Ein Foto hochladen -> click on -> Ich Akzeptiere die Sky -> Nach Foto Suchen -> select Male/Female where it says Mannlich/Weiblich -> click on Senden -> select the expression by clicking on Glucklich (happy) or Bose (angry) -> Fertig (ready). 

After it has  transformed into an Avatar character that lives on the planet Pandora, you are ready to   share your avatar, either by email, embedding the code or downloading the image to include in your e-space. 

Toy Story 3  is another movie that has lent itself to creating avatars. As with avatarizeyourself, you can create an avatar either in male or female form with Toy Story 3 Creator.

 One cool feature with both avatarizeyourself and Toy Story 3 Creator is that no sign up nor login is required, and the whole process takes up only a couple of minutes. 

Another free site for creating your own avatar, is FaceYourManga. In 3 simple steps you will have a manga avatar ready to email. Once you email your avatar (to yourself or friends), you can then click on the download link and have it ready to post where you want it. 

Ultimate Flash Face is one more cool tool to use for creating avatars. You can create an avatar in black and white, but will have to take a screen shot to save it digitally or print it out. 

My last suggestion for today is Meez.  Meez, creates 3D avatars of your own, and after you register, offers you other features, such as Meez Nation. 

Remember to check out Dobble!Me as well as DigiMe, which I have mentioned here. Which tool do you prefer using to create an avatar? 


  1. Great post on avatars! I've created a livebinder on them and would like to add the ones you've mentioned as well: http://livebinders.com/edit?id=59067#

    What site(s) do you use most often with students?

  2. Hi Mrs. Allen,

    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! Your livebinder is inspirational - thank you for sharing it.

    There are 2 other avatar sites which you may want to look at:

    Blockhead - which creates a Lego head


    Mini-Mizer - which creates a lego character to use as an avatar

    Regarding which sites I use the most - it depends very much on my students' interests & needs, (which often are shaped by their curriculum). I have found WallWisher, Voki, Glogster, Prezi and ToonDoo to be some of their favourite tools (http://www.toondoo.com/). In general, they also love creating word clouds with Wordle, Tagxedo or Tagul. As an alternative to Power Point, there is Vuvox, which my students have also loved using to make presentations.

    Do your students have any particular favourite tool?