12 February 2011


Rice field & Bamboephoto © 2006 Marc Veraart | more info (via: Wylio)
Rice is a staple of many people's diets around the world.  If you travel around South East Asia, for instance, you will delight in the sparkling emerald fields which will yield rice crops and in time, delicious meals to local families. 

Yet, despite all efforts to successfully grow essential crops such as rice and wheat, for example, there is still hunger in the world. 

The World Food Programme has committed itself to ending hunger around the world and you too can help achieve this goal. 

FreeRice has two main goals: to provide free education to all and to help provide free rice to those in need. It is run by the World Food Programme and is made possible by the generosity of sponsors who advertise on their website. 

When you begin exploring FreeRice, you can find games for subjects such as chemistry, maths and arts. And best of all, it also includes 2 great game sites for English learning - a vocabulary and a grammar game. 

So, how can playing a game help feed the world? For every correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated to the WFP . FreeRice has different levels for vocabulary and as you play, you can listen to how words are pronounced. After you sign up, you can track the totals of your answers as well as join groups who are also playing. 

Making a difference has never been easier. 


  1. Hi C,
    Speaking of rice and feeding the hungry, did you see the article in the Gulf News about Ultra Rice? http://gulfnews.com/life-style/general/making-a-difference-rice-to-the-rescue-1.757970


  2. Hi Jeri,

    Thank you for pointing out that article! Efforts such as these really do make a positive difference.