12 February 2011

Word Magnets and Mini Videos

Magnetic Fridge Poetryphoto © 2007 Steve johnson | more info (via: Wylio)

Word magnets are a fun way to make sentences and to play with meanings.

Fuzzwich Fridge challenges you to create sentences on a fridge with random words on a screen. You can then save save your fridge with your sentences and embed it in your blog or social network. If you are not happy, you can easily create click and create another set of sentences with a new set of random words. 

You can also create a mini video with Fuzzwich. As you select your character(s), you are offered short tutorials as you go along. You simply choose your background setting, your character(s), a soundtrack and speech bubbles. You can also upload your own photos for the characters in your animation.

Then once you are ready, you can share your mini video in your blog. The best feature is that you don't need to sign up and then log in; you can create your animation, preview it before saving and then embed it in your blog or social network.

This short video clip demonstrates how simple Fuzzwich is to use.

What story lines can you make into an animation?

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