19 February 2011

Ice Breaking with Bubblr and Fotobabble

When joining a new group, there is always so much to learn and share with each other. Two cool ways to share something about yourself is by using Bubblr and Fotobabble. Both Bubblr and Fotobabble are also great to use as a warm up activity in class, or to summarize a theme that you have been discussing.

Here is an example of using Bubblr - you begin by thinking of a topic or theme and type it in the box which will search for images. Then, you just need to drag the image of your choice to the screen as you can see here on the right. The next step is to drag a speech bubble into the screen and write your contribution. The last step is to share your work in your blog, social network or even simply email it to friends.

Three possible ways of using Bubblr are:

1 - sharing preferences
2 - sharing ideas
3 - writing and expanding a sentence on a theme

The example below is on orange juice and I am sure that you can think of many other ways of using Bubblr:

Fotobabble is another great tool to share information.  Unlike Bubblr, you need to sign up for an account and then log in. It's a fun way to narrate your photos and share them with others. 

After you sign up, upload your photo and then simply record your message and embed it in your blog/social network or even send an email or SMS. 

How many different ways can you use Fotobabble and Bubblr?


  1. Hi Ana,

    Great post! I work at Fotobabble and noticed one of the fotobabbles was a bit wider than your blog size. If you want help resizing it to make it fit your blog better, email me at support@fotobabble.com and I can help you out. =)


  2. You have some really fantastic resources. It would be great if you could 'pin' them. I know so many teachers who gather resources through Pintrest. I'd love to share yours too!

  3. Hi Mere,

    Thank you for kind words; glad you like the resources!

    No, I don't use Pintrest as I already use LiveBinders and Scoop.iT! I understand how Pintrest is increasingly popular but I feel that if I begin using it, I would be too spread out. Please feel free to share anything you find here though - or pin a whole blog post :-)

    Thank you again!