4 February 2011

Internet Safety Day

As much as the internet has opened doors to our worlds, there is equally the need to learn how to participate safely online. From stolen identities, to hacked emails and cyberbullying, learning how to be safe online is as necessary as knowing how to use all the tools, networks and platforms at our disposal. 

 Internet Safety Day is a day for us to reflect what online safety is, what are the issues and what we can do to comfortably use the internet without harming ourselves and letting others harm us. Being a responsible digital citizen is a two-way street  - you need to respect yourself and others online. 

Digizen offers lots of advice regarding digital citizenship as well as pages for teachers, parents and kids. Definitely worth exploring. 

Ins@fe, supported by the European Union, is another site which offers advice and resources for teachers, parents and children. 

Have fun online.

Be safe online.

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