17 February 2011

Think Quest

Surprise - IIphoto © 2009 Hartwig HKD | more info (via: Wylio)
We all have dreams we want to follow, goals we want to achieve in life. Sometimes, the paths may be long, winding, uncertain even. When we have a quest, a journey towards a goal, part of our quest is to overcome obstacles that lie in our way. Overcoming those obstacles are an inherent part of the journey. 

 Think Quest can become part of your dream  and aims in life as well.  

Think Quest is a learning platform for teachers and students, offering not only a competition but also resources written and developed by students. Here you can find out more about Think Quest's competition. Participation requires the development of skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, use of technology,  creativity and cross-cultural understanding - all skills that are necessary in life today and which you apply everyday. 

Think Quest also has a library, where you can find projects and websites written by students from all over the world. It includes subjects from science & technology, business & industry, social sciences to health & safety, as well as other areas of study. 

I particularly like the way it is simple to navigate, well organised by themes and dates,  and especially how the projects and materials are written by students for students. There is a wealth of materials to explore. I include a screenshot  of Lead Portal, a project on leadership, inspiring leadership among young people and how they too can make a positive impact on their communities. 

Whether participating in the competition or exploring the many projects available, Think Quest is an awesome  place to include in your learning journey. 

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