21 March 2011

History's Heroes, Smart History

Brave, courageous, visionary, determined, inspiring - all words one may associate with heroes.  

History's Heroes? is a cool site which discusses what is a hero is and focuses on different personalities who may be regarded (or not) as heroes - the choice is yours. Activities include recording your own speech, encoding a message and taking quizzes. You may cast your vote, deciding whether an historic personality was a hero or not and even submit your own choice of hero to share on this site.  

Smarthistory is another site related to history which is worth visiting.  Basically, Smarthistory is a multi-media web-book, where readers can explore art according to time, style, artist or theme. Smarthistory is not only for art students, but for anyone with an interest in the arts. There is also a section with videos - in all, a great site to learn more about the arts and artifacts in museums around the world. 

And if you are looking for an adventure in time, why not experience a trip to the moon with We Choose the Moon which celebrates Apollo 11's landing on the moon? We Choose the Moon is an interactive site where you can hear all the excitement of the countdown and trace the phases of Apollo 11's flight. 

And with all these sites, why not create cool timelines with Dipity (which I have mentioned here)? History projects have never been as rich and engaging as now with these resources which are freely available. 

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  1. Another great history/social studies site: iCivics.org....fabulous, engaging ways to explore civics.